Positioning Heavy Loads with Nanometer Precision over Long Travel Ranges

Is That Feasible?

Hybrid drives combine two different drive concepts into a high-performance and precision positioning system. They take advantage of both drives. These types of solutions are always in demand when one drive alone is not in a position to meet all of the requirements of applications. An example of this is nanometer-precision positioning of heavy loads over long travel ranges. Nanopositioning systems that combine piezo drives with classical drive screws therefore offer a practical solution, but also other drive concepts are possible.

The examples of applications for hybrid drives range from semiconductor manufacturing through quality assurance and optical inspection to biomedical engineering.

Learn more about hybrid drive concepts in this white paper!

White Paper

Hybrid Nanopositioning Systems with Piezo Actuators

Long Travel Ranges, Heavy Loads, and Exact Positioning

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WP4014E 2018-10
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