Precision Motion Solutions and Piezo Technology

Improving Productivity, Quality and Precision

Corona: Protection and Prevention Measures

The Corona virus pandemic is affecting all of us. We have moved fast to protect our employees and by this are also protecting our business activities as well as our production capacity and in the last account our ability to fulfill our delivery commitments to you, our customers.

High Resolution Microscopy

How nanopositioning mechanisms improve performance of high resolution microscopy in DNA-Origami, DNA-Paint and TIRF techniques.

Automation Platforms for Laser Material Processing

Automation platforms for high-precision and high-throughput laser processing that address the needs of OEMs, integrators and end users.

Drive Technology for the World's Largest Telescope

Realising the technical specifications to the full satisfaction of the customer within a very tight schedule – that is the challenge in this sophisticated and prestigious product and also our strength.


Positioning and motion solutions for industrial automation that are robust and reliable, with submicrometer accuracy, exact position reproducibility, high dynamics, and throughput.

Miniature Piezo Ceramics for Medical Applications

Miniaturised piezo sensor and actuator elements can be found in novel scanning catheter endoscopes or in active implants that regulate internal eye pressure. PI Ceramic can produce customised components with external dimensions below 1mm.   

Rotary Air Bearings

The PIglide Flat Pad Circular air bearing series is suitable for applications that require friction-free, accurate linear or planar motion.               

Solutions for Motion Centric Industrial Automation

Complete solutions for high-throughput and high-precision multi-axis applications.                                                                                   

Additive Manufacturing with the Help of Piezo Actuators

For generating the droplets, we decided to use a piezo actuator for clocking the nozzle shutter because this provides the necessary high dynamics and accuracy for the material discharge.

ACS Motion Control

A centralised automation platform providing coordinated motion for complex profiling applications based on a real time EtherCAT network.

Virtual Trade Show Stand

Normally, we are very happy to meet you in person at our trade show stands around the world - however, due to COVID-19, we are very happy to be able to show you our solutions, which are suitable for various applications, on a virtual platform. Find out more.

Gantry Systems

High-dynamic precision positioning in 3 axes with customised Gantry Systems from PI.                                             

Fast Optical Alignment for Silicon Photonics Production

A system that meets the requirements of parallel optical alignment in several degrees of freedom.                                                 

Motion Compensation with Hexapods

Precise, repeatable motion with the same dynamics and accuracy on all linear and rotary axes is necessary for motion compensation systems.                                                                                                


PI, the world's leading provider of nanopositioning products and systems. All products developed, manufactured, and qualified in-house by PI.

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Software Training, Consultancy and PI's Quick Start program; all delivered on customer premises by one of PI's Advanced Technical Specialists.

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