Peace of Mind for All Oem and Individual Customers/ on a Global Scale

Tailored Service Packages for High-End Positioning Systems

PI has now made its Service capabilities available to all its customers through the creation of its new Services Division. Previously installation and support was on a case by case basis for the large OEM customers, but now, with simplifying the way we can quote, process and execute on any services, PI are now able to provide tailored packaged or one-off services to all of its customer base.

Individual Services, Worldwide Available

With 4 Service hubs located in Asia, China, Europe and the US, we are now able to offer the one-time researcher with system installation services, right through to maintenance contracted support for large global enterprises. Extended warranty to on-site Service Level Agreements (SLAs), all focused on providing every customer with greater peace of mind and protection against unscheduled downtime.

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