Complex, Multiaxis Alignment Systems

Invitation to visit PI UK

Complex, multiaxis alignment systems are not easy to transport and demonstrate. But, in terms of the value involved, having the opportunity to see the quality of the equipment and discuss integration questions such as cabling, connectors and environmental protection can be invaluable in terms of supporting a purchasing decision.

Visit our new facilities

At Cranfield, following our expansion at the beginning of this year, we are now able to host visitors in our new meeting room and demonstration area. From now until the end of August we have on display at our facility a three axis alignment system with built in laser writer, all controlled from an ACS platform.


As a potential end user not only will you be able to see the equipment in action but you will also have the opportunity to discuss your application with local experts in the mechanical, controller and software aspects of the system. This is an opportunity for you as an end user to benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, the result being a proposal optimised for you in terms of both performance and cost.


More solutions for laser processing

Cranfield is only 10 minutes from either junction 13 or 14 of the M1 and only 10 minutes from the A421, Oxford to Cambridge link road and so is easy to access from many parts of the UK.

If you are interested in visiting please get in touch so that a convenient date can be arranged.


Automation Platforms for Laser Material Processing

Precision – Throughput – Synchronized Motion

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BRO67E R1 2018-06
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BRO67CN 2018-11
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