Category: NanoAutomation

If you can Measure it, we can Help you Optimise it

System Optimisation – Tracking and Alignment in Multiple Degrees of Freedom

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Programming ACS Motion Controllers with LabVIEW (Elegant and Easy)

Adding more Functionality to the Ethercat-based ACS Controllers

Easy LabView programming of ACS / PI precision motion systems.

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Supporting Cutting Edge Innovation

PI is proud to be part of an innovative new light based data storage technology developed by Microsoft and the University of Southampton under Project Silica.

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ACS and PI Motion Control

Controller technology for precision motion control at the micron or sub-micron or even nanometre level

At PI we recognise that moving to a new controller platform involves risk and a considerable investment in time for our customers. To support this activity we are able to provide a range of software and hardware tools for technology familiarisation as well as knowledgeable personnel who can provide training and support as and when needed.

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