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ELT: A Spectacular Eye on the Sky

PICA Stack Actuators from PI for Precise and Reliable Image Stabilization in the World’s Largest Telescope

In the Chilean desert, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) is currently building the largest telescope in the world - the ELT. It consists of five mirrors, with the main mirror having a diameter of 39 meters. The smallest mirror, the M5, is designed to compensate for aberrations and guarantee high image quality, thanks in part to eleven PICA stack actuators from PI Ceramic.

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Fast Steering Mirrors for Deep Space / Free Space Optical Communication

High Precision Tip/Tilt Mechanisms Direct and Keep Laser Beams Precisely on Target

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Adaptive Optics – the Next Generation. 11,000 Actuators to Aid Search for Exoplanets with the E-ELT

PI and Fraunhofer IOF Cooperate on New Large Scale Adaptive Optics Project

Adaptive Optics with High Resolution Piezo Actuators for the Extremely Large Telescope

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Hexapods Position ALMA Subreflectors and Compensate External Conditions

High-Precision ALMA Antennas are Decisive for the Success of the EHT

Sensation in astronomy: The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), a worldwide network of eight radio telescopes, took the very first image of a black hole, which was published on April 10, 2019. Hexapods developed by PI play an important role in the ALMA telescopes on the Chilean plateau, which are part of the EHT.

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Ultra-High Precision Positioning Actuators to Align Mirror Segments in the ELT Telescope

Hybrid Concept Using Piezo / Voice Coil and Screw Drives for the ELT Telescope

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