ECOC Dublin 2019 - European Conference on Optical Communication



ECOC Exhibition 2019 is the key meeting place for everyone in the fibre optic communication technology industry and is taking place from 23 to 25 September 2019 in Dublin.

Come visit PI on stand 357 and find out more about PI's groundbreaking parallel gradient search for active alignment of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and Silicon Photonic devices, allowing simultaneous optimization of multiple degrees of freedom, elements and channels. 

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Exhibits on Display Live and in Motion at Our Trade Fair Stand

Applications and Technology

Further Applications



Find Your Best Positioning Solution

High-Precision Motion Systems

Version / Date
BRO71E 2019-06
pdf - 7 MB
Version / Date
BRO71D 2019-06
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Version / Date
BRO71CN 2019-07
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White Paper

Enabling Large-Format Industrial Productivity

Award-Winning PI Fast Alignment Technology Comes to ACS Controls

Version / Date
WP4023E 2019-06
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White Paper

Practical Examples of Parallel Alignment Automation

Version / Date
WP4010E 2018-04
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Version / Date
WP4010CN 2018-12
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Discover more with a PI Inspirations Workshop


A place where technical visions become reality.

If you cannot get to ECOC this year you can always visit our Inspirations lab in Cranfield to discover how precision motion technology can solve your positioning or alignment challenge.  
From using simple single axis actuators to multi axis parallel kinematic robots such as the PI Hexapod our applications workshops are designed to inspire you with the ideas you need to help you maximise the speed, accuracy or throughput of your process.

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