System Optimisation and Support

PI is ACS motion control sales and support in the UK and Ireland.

UK based support tailored to your needs for:

  • System implementation, mechanics, controller and peripheral devices
  • System optimisation including tuning
  • Fault diagnosis including root cause analysis and corrective action
  • Training


ACS OEM Motion Control System Evaluation Program

Improve your Machine’s Accuracy and Throughput...

Learn how to address many of the most common challenges facing controls engineers today by using the newest and most advanced features ACS recently released and more. Program participants will have the chance to implement and test unique ACS servo control algorithms and features to assess their performance advantages. Start evaluating the features that matter most in complex, high-precision, multi-axis motion automaton applications.



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UK ACS Training Centre

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We take time to understand your complex motion control needs to ensure we give the best solutions for your application, from using motion simulation for fast application development, to optimising entire systems; helping you push the boundaries of throughput and accuracy.

Why Choose ACS?

  • Tools to synchronise motion with lasers, vision and galvos.
  • Removal of motion disturbances using ServoBoost™ software tool.
  • Use of EtherCAT real time industry standard network.
  • Motion simulator tool for application development.
  • Modular approach, easy to expand.
  • Centralised automation and synchronisation of 64 axes from one controller.
  • High level programming, multi-tasking software for easy application development.
  • UK based support and service.



Smarter Motion: Input Shaping for Vibration Free Motion.
The video shows how to achieve vibration free motion of a high performance PI gantry system
by using the powerful input shaping algorithm of ACS Motion Control.

ACS Support Materials

ACS Motion Control holds technical training classes for users of the SPiiPlusNT EtherCAT series of motion control products across the globe throughout the year.

To find out more please visit:

ACS Knowledge Centre

The ACS Knowledge Centre is the place to find technical documentation, downloads, tutorials, and more support for the ACS Motion COntrol Products.

You can sign up for the ACS Knowledge Centre on the ACS website and access the suite of support materials, such as Application & Release notes, SPiiPlus ADK Suite, Software Guides & Tools, and much more.

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