Hexapod Motion Controllers

As unique as the hexapod mechanics, the motion controller is designed to make parallel kinematics algorithms as easy and unnoticed by the user as possible:  All target positions are commanded in Cartesian coordinates. For best integration in automation processes, the Hexapod motion controller is available with industrial EtherCAT interface.

Special Hexapod software allows to simulate workspace and load of the hexapod, and to implement safety rules for all motions.

For easy integration in a customer’s setup, the hexapod system can be emulated as a virtual machine. This way delivery time can be profitably used for programming the live system. 

Standard hexapod controllers offer the additional motion control of two DC motor axes. For any other configuration, please contact us. 

Representation of complex setups in PIVeriMove

Software Tools for Hexapods

C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controller

Compact Bench-Top Device for Controlling 6-Axis Systems

C-887.53x Hexapod Motion Controller with EtherCAT®

Control a 6-Axis Positioning System via Fieldbus Interface