Controller Based Automation Platform

PI is ACS Motion Control sales and support in the UK and Ireland.

A centralised automation platform providing coordinated motion for complex profiling applications based on a real time EtherCAT network.


Helping you:

  • Improve productivity

  • Increase the precision of your process

  • Enhance the quality of what you produce.

Why Choose ACS?

  • Tools to synchronise motion with lasers, vision and galvos.
  • Removal of motion disturbances using ServoBoost™ software tool.
  • Use of EtherCAT real time industry standard network.
  • Motion simulator tool for application development.
  • Modular approach, easy to expand.
  • Centralised automation and synchronisation of 64 axes from one controller.
  • High level programming, multi-tasking software for easy application development.
  • UK based support and service.



Laser Material Processing Motion Control

  • Productivity improvements through process optimisation
  • Increased precision of final component
  • Improved process repeatability


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Advanced Gantry Control Algorithms to:

  • Simplify the process of timing multiple control loops
  • Provide dynamic compensation of yaw
  • Optimisethe accuracy, velocity, stability and settling time

Helping PING Revolutionizing the Golf

PING has revolutionised the golf equipment industry by utilizing modern computer and automation technology to achieve the highest levels of precision, performance, and quality in the design and manufacturing of their products. The latest generation club testing systems at PING were designed with ACS Motion Control solutions. The PING Man and PING Man Tee systems utilize the MC4U integrated control and drive solution, while the Shaft Fatigue test system uses SPiiPlusNTM motion and EtherCAT Controller and UDM drives.

”ACS Motion Control was an instrumental partner in our upgrade of the PING Man and PING Man Tee systems. The accuracy which we’re able to hold during testing has increased dramatically. The SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio is intuitive, logical, and was a snap to learn. The Scope and Watch tools, just to name a few, were vital during system installation. ACS’ highly knowledgeable and friendly Application Engineers helped us to quickly overcome issues during the development process. The modularity of the products has enabled us to consolidate dis-similar test systems (PING Man and Shaft Fatigue) under one motion control platform.  Two entirely different applications, one development tool (SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio), one language (ACSPL+), one very happy engineering team.”

C.P. Test Engineer, PING

LCM - Laser Control Module

Precision synchronisation of motion stages and laser output tooptimise quality and throughput in your processing or machining application.

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XL Scan - EXtra Large SCAN Machining Solution  

Optimisation of performance in large field of view machining and processing applications via precise coordination of galvo and motion stage position.

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UK ACS Training Centre

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