P-895.3LDC Adapter Cable

Fits Motion Controllers with Sub-D Connector 25W3 (f)

For piezo-actuator-based nanopositioning systems with capacitive sensors, 3 channels, 0.3 m
For multi-axis Piezo Nanopositioning Systems with capacitive Sensors
With LEMO connectors (up to 3x voltage, 6x sensor)
Fits motion controllers with Sub-D connector 25W3 (f)
0.3 m length

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Adapter Cable, LEMO Connectors (f) to Sub-D 25W3 (m) for Piezo-Actuator-Based Nanopositioning Systems with Capacitive Sensors, 3 Channels, 0.3 m. Fits Motion Controllers with Sub-D Connector 25W3 (f)

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Datasheet P-895.3LDC

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