Linear Stages with Electric Motor

Stages and Actuators for Travel Ranges up to 1 m

Industrial applications in the production process such as laser processing benefit from the precise positioning accuracy of motorized positioning stages. Their low profile makes the variable stage series suitable for universal use, ranging from testing systems to production lines in precision automation.

Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drives

Precise, Smooth Continuous 360° Motion

From the alignment of polarization filters to the alignment of workpieces or material samples: PI offers a wide range of motorized rotation stages in a large number of sizes and accuracy classes.

Hexapods with Electric Motor

For Loads of up to 1000 kg Accurately to the Nearest Micrometer

Hexapod systems have a decisive advantage over stacked single-axis systems: Since all drives act on the moving platform simultaneously (in parallel), the system has the same motion characteristics in all directions. This includes both the dynamic parameters and the accuracy. Positioning tasks such as the alignment of samples or sensors that have no preferential direction of motion clearly benefit from the parallel-kinematic principle.

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