This product has been replaced by the following new product: Q-545 Q-Motion® Precision Linear Stage

M-664 Precision Stage with Linear Piezo Drive

Fast, Self-Locking, Low Profile

M-664 Precision Stage with Linear Piezo Drive
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  • Travel range 25 mm
  • Only 15 mm profile height
  • Linear encoder with 100 nm resolution
  • Max. velocity 400 mm/s
  • Self-locking at rest, keine Wärmeentwicklung, no servo jitter

Precision-class micro translation stage

Integrierter Piezokeramischer Direktantrieb. Compact XY combinations available


PILine® piezo ultrasonic drive

Self-locking, with no heat generation at rest. Excellent start / stop dynamics. Crossed roller bearings. Noncontact limit and reference point switches


Direct-metrology linear encoder

High accuracy and repeatability


Fields of application

Industry and research. For Mikromanipulation, Qualitätssicherung, Biotechnologie


Valid patents

US patent no. 6,765,335B2 European patent no. 1267425B1



M-664.AP1 Adapter Plate for XY Mounting of M-664, 4 mm high



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User Manual MP96

M-664 PILine® Micro Positioning Stage
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Version / Date
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Short Instructions MP121EK

M-66x, M-68x, U-521, U-62x, U-651 PILine® Stages
Version / Date
4.4.0 2018-06-19
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PILine® Low-Profile Micropositioning Stage with P-664 Piezo Linear Motor, 25 mm, 2.5 N


Adapter Plate for XY Mounting of M-664, 4 mm high

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