Scalable Solution for Industrial Laser Processing

Fast Configuration & Implementation – Exceptionel Contouring – High Throughput

Today, requirements of machine builders in precision automation, such as laser processing cannot only aim at achieving the desired specifications at a purely component level. In order to reach their desired high performance, a coordinated and harmonized design and operation of the overall system is required. For example, laser processes must produce tiny geometries in the micrometer range while enabling consistent, accurate and dynamic machining in multiple dimensions. With the standardized integrated approach for multi-axis systems, the X-417 supports machine builders to quickly configure and integrate the appropriate requirements, helping them to optimize their design and development time and ultimately become more competitive and able to expedite on their customers’ and individual demands.

Key Benefits of the Solution

Fast configuration
Flexibility and scalability
Reduced costs and installation time
On-site support by engineering and application experts

Key Features of the Platform

Exceptional contouring
Increased throughput and accuracy
Easy integration of lasers
Delivered aligned, tuned, and calibrated
Supported by measurement data

Z Axis – Adjustment of Laser Head

  • High-load ball screw linear stage with holding brake for avoiding collision
  • Robust industrial IP65 connectors for flexible cable exit
    >> L-412 High-load linear stage

XY Axis – Workpiece Positioning

  • High-dynamic ironless linear motors for fast and precise contouring
  • Reference edge to ease the alignment in the machine
  • Connector for purge air, side seal and hard cover to protect against particles
  • XY drag chain cable management for smooth integration
    >> V-417 High-load linear motor stages

Motion Control and Laser Firing

  • ACS EtherCAT® network motion control
    >> G-901 Motion Controller
  • Synchronization of motion to laser/event for high-accuracy cutting at high speeds
    >> PEG / Laser Control Module*
  • Servo control for improved tracking at higher duty cycles and for disturbance rejection
    >> ServoBoost™*
  • Support of higher level languages: C, C#, .Net, LabView™, MATLAB®, Visual Basic®, Python
  • G Code* for CNC-support

*Optional add-ons

Scalable Standard Integration Levels with Flexible Travel Ranges, Payloads, Mounting Options and Optional Accessories


  • Machine base for installation support
  • Breadboards for mounting equipment
  • Vertical bracket for flexible mounting possibilities
  • Alternative cable sets
  • Software packages

SPC CAD/CAM Software*

  • Flexible CAD-to-motion import
  • 2D and 3D formats: DXF, DWG, Gerber, STL,…
  • Adaptive Mark-on-Fly for efficient processing of large parts

*Optional add-ons

System in Motion

Applications that Benefit from this Motion Solution

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X-417 Scalable Integrated Multi-Axis System

Fast Configuration, Delivery, and Startup to Accelerate the Implementation of Precision Automation Processes

Version / Date
BRO75E 2020-11
pdf - 1 MB
White Paper

Advanced Control Technology for Laser Material Processing

How to make it easier for system integrators to design and build advanced systems for a new age of laser applications

Version / Date
WP4027 2020-03
pdf - 1 MB

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