Motion Simulation for Testing Image Stabilization

High Repeatability – High Dynamics – High Path Accuracy

Taking sharp pictures despite poor lighting conditions, taking snapshots without blurring, recognizing traffic signs or road markings in driver assistance systems, or identifying dangerous situations in surveillance systems - all of this is possible today with the help of modern cameras. But how good is the still and video image quality of a camera or smartphone? End users, manufacturers from companies in the aerospace, medical and security, or the automation technology sectors - they all place high demands on the performance capabilities and look for answers to these questions. Companies dealing with these issues rely on test equipment that guarantees reliable and comparable test results. In order to test the image stabilization systems of cameras, for example, the frequencies and axis movements must be simulated realistically and they must be identical for each test.

Key Features of Hexapods

Three linear axes, three rotational axes
High stiffness
Excellent dynamic behavior, fast step-and-settle
Excellent repeatability
No cable management at the motion platform required

Motion Simulation Applications Benefit from

  • Multiple degrees of freedom
  • Freely definable pivot point according to the position of the image stabilization component in the camera
  • Tracking of predefined trajectories
  • Motion frequencies to 50 Hz*
  • CIPA certification*
    >> Image shows the H-840 Hexapod

Motion Control

  • Easy commanding of target positions in Cartesian coordinates
  • Coordinate transformation for parallel kinematics is handled by the controller
  • Reference system (work, tool) can be quickly and easily changed
  • Definition of sine curves and/or arbitrary trajectories
  • Support of motor brakes and absolute-measuring sensors with BiSS interface
  • Analog input available
  • Easy integration in automation processes via industrial EtherCAT® interface
    >> C-887.53x Hexapod Motion Controller with EtherCAT®*

CIPA Certification

The lobby association of the Japanese photographic industry Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) sets standards for motion systems that are used in test equipment for image stabilization. Hexapods from PI are the only six-axis positioning system for the simulation of camera shake during photographing that fulfill the requirements of the CIPA standard.


*depending on the hexapod used

System in Motion

Further Industries and Applications that Benefit From Motion Simulation with Hexapods

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Freely Definable Center of Rotation

The freely definable rotation or pivot point is an essential feature of the parallel-kinematic hexapod. This means that the motion of the hexapod platform can be specifically adapted to the position of the gyroscope so that ideal realistic conditions can be created.




PI Certificate of Registration of Vibratory Apparatus H-840

Certification of Registration of Vibratory Apparatus

pdf - 303 KB

Hexapod Positioning Systems

Parallel Kinematics for Six DoF of Motion, Dedicated Software, Active Alignment Solutions

Version / Date
CAT136 2018-08
pdf - 11 MB

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