Piezo-Driven Analytical Instruments Enable High-Precision Liquid Handling in the Smallest Installation Spaces

Medical in vitro diagnostic (IVD) systems are a basic requirement for the diagnosis of diseases based on samples from the human body. Only the fastest possible diagnosis can ensure early protective measures and the initiation of therapies. Many IVD instruments have one thing in common: Tiny liquid samples are introduced into the analytical instruments and moved around inside the highly complex systems during analysis. To increase the throughput of such instruments and make faster diagnoses possible, the fastest technology for liquid handling of IVD samples is required.

The requirements for liquid handling in IVD instruments are becoming more and more demanding: Very small volumes of liquids with different properties must be dosed or moved with high precision. The technology used must also be able to efficiently and seamlessly implement dosing, mixing, or separation tasks while considering the viscosity, surface tension, and density of the media. The miniaturization of IVD systems is an important prerequisite for fast and efficient medical care at the point of care (PoC).


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Webinar: Faster Analysis and Higher Throughput for Invitro Diagnostics

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Piezoelectric devices are used in microfluidic systems to distribute and control the smallest liquid volumes in the milli- to picolitre range. They enable liquid handling applications in IVD, e.g., in mobile PoC instruments or stationary automation applications in the laboratory, such as clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, hematology, and immunochemistry as well as liquid biopsy.

Piezoelectric elements are extremely compact and convince through their low energy consumption, e.g., through battery operation in mobile devices. Liquid handling in IVD is often carried out without contact so that the samples are not contaminated. Here, too, piezoelectric elements offer advantages – they can generate ultrasound, which can be used for precise liquid handling.

PI has the know-how as well as the technical capabilities to manufacture customized piezo solutions for IVD applications. In addition to designing custom components, we master extensive technologies for assembling and contacting these sophisticated elements.


Piezo Components for Liquid Handling

Microfluidics for in Vitro Diagnostics

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