Facilitating Underwater Communication via Sonar with Piezo Components for Demanding Hydroacoustic Applications

Ultrasound is not only used by dolphins and whales, but also in sonar technology: Piezo components generate and detect ultrasonic waves in sonar devices. This enables the scanning and mapping of the bottom of the sea – just like geographic mapping on land, but underwater. The data obtained is easily transmitted remotely, i.e. without cables. Sonar technology can be used for communication or to control marine systems such as autonomous underwater vehicles.

As piezo components create low frequencies in hydroacoustic applications, the ultrasonic waves can travel over several kilometers. This makes piezo technology suitable for use, e.g., in direction-finding ultrasonic beacons for object detection. Such demanding applications require particularly large piezoceramic components with special geometries, for example tubes and hemispheres.

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