PI's Global Services

What is ‘World Class’

Customers everywhere would define "World Class Customer Support" differently. They may consider the highest priority being the speed of response, the level of competence of the person that deals with the request, or it could simply be how quickly the solution was found. Whatever the priority is for customer service and support, PI is committed to exceeding all expectations that relate to our service deliverables.
PI’s Global Services are focused on ensuring that:

  • The right people are:
  • In the right place;
  • At the right time;
  • With the right skills.

This level of conditioning means that PI’s customers are able to benefit from World Class customer support services regardless of their requirement, challenge or need.


Support from Beginning to End

PI is dedicated to supporting its customers’ right from the initial consultation through to when a customer has purchased a PI system. But we don't stop there, PI's services division is committed to ensuring that every aspect of owning a PI stage is catered for. Including:

  • Quick Start - On-site support setting up a new system;
  • Training – Ensuring that a new user gets the most out of their PI system;
  • Flexible on-site Support - Every customer is unique with their application, environment, challenges and the way they like to be supported. As such, PI have a series of packaged service offerings to cover most customer demands, but in addition to that, PI can design bespoke flexible service packages that are tailored exactly to match each customer needs.

Quick Start Program

One-day on site of a PI senior engineer to un-box, set-up, and commission your new PI stage and ensure it is working and operational. We will also use whatever time is left at the end of the set-up period to provide some basic user training on the PI software and answer any questions that you have.

*  There are some customer essentials for the Quick Start Program, please see below.


PI's technical experts can deliver on-site hands on support, to provide:

  • A user with a broad understanding of how to get the best from your PI stage;
  • Structured detailed classroom training for larger audiences, going into more detail of how to maximise the capabilities of you PI stage;
  • A bespoke training package depending on the customers need.



Flexible On Site Services

One-day on site for a PI senior engineer to be at your disposal. Their focus is flexible and there for your unique demand, but might typically be spent on:

  • A proactive advisory role working with you to further enhance your application;
  • Investigating any challenges or system faults;
  • Optimising your stage when its sited with its payload;
  • Tuning and recalibration of a stage that has had a change in its environment.

We will accommodate any request as best as possible to ensure that you get the best value from the time PI spends with you on your site.

* Customer Essentials

 For the Quick Start program, the customer will need to provide:

  • A suitable working area and environment including a PC that meets the minimum specifications, with spare ports for direct connectivity to the controller.
  • Sufficient mains power sockets available.
  • Their newly purchased PI equipment (system and controller) and all cables and manuals that are provided as part of the shipment and ensure that it is in close proximity to the customer's computer.
  • Internet access to the computer and for it to be able to receive E-mails. This needs to be set up prior to PI engineer arriving at your site.
  • A working landline phone near to the set-up area. If not then please ensure that PI are aware of this prior to arriving at site.


This service applies to any system that is being driven by a PI Controller except for PI’s air bearing systems and any other system or installation that is deemed by PI to be a two man job (e.g Drive is >25kg).