Piezo Ceramic Components

Component Types and Applications

PI Ceramic manufactures piezo components, including tubes, rings, plates, discs, and spheres that can be used in applications such as medical ultrasound technologies, level and flow control and measurement, ultrasonic welding and cleaning, bubble detectors, and proximity sensors, echolocation (sonar) etc. 


Dimensions and Physical Limitations

The product groups below are available with custom shapes and dimensions, with limits determined by the production tools and minimum dimensions based on physical and technological limits. The minimum thickness or wall thickness of a piezo component is limited by the mechanical strength of the ceramic material required during the machining process. The maximum thickness in the polarization direction is 30mm.  


Value Added Assemblies / Integration / Customisation

PI Ceramic is experienced in providing value added products by integrating a piezo ceramic component into a customer’s sub-assembly or product. This includes electrical contacting of the piezo elements according to customer requirements, mounting of customer provided components, and gluing or casting of the piezo ceramics. 

PI Ceramic has access to state-of-the-art machines and technologies and can ramp up quickly components to provide piezo components in large quantities at short notice.



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PI Inspirations: Piezo Ceramic Applications in the Medical World

Visit our Inspirations lab in Cranfield to explore how piezo ceramic technology can be employed in demanding applications in the Medical World.

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Piezo Ceramic Materials

PI Ceramic provides a wide selection of piezoelectric ceramic materials based on modified lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and barium titanate. The designations of "soft" and "hard" piezo ceramics refer to the mobility of the dipoles or domains and hence also to the polarization and depolarization behavior. For actuator applications, ferroelectrically soft piezoceramics with low polarity reversal field strengths are used. Ferroelectrically hard PZT materials are primarily used in high-power acoustic applications. In addition, PI Ceramic offers lead-free piezo ceramics, currently used especially as ultrasonic transducers, and a crystalline actuator material.

The material properties are classified according to the EN 50324 European Standard.

>>>  Material Properties and Classification

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