Voice Coil Actuators with High Dynamics & Force Control Option

Voice coil drives show very high velocities and allow for fast step-and-settle. Wear-free flexure guidings or mechanical guidings are available. The optional force control allows for stand-alone solutions in pressure-sensitive device testing. 

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Buy PI Products Online

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V-277 PIMag® High-Load Linear Actuator

Voice Coil Drive for High Velocity

A-131 PIglide VC Voice Coil Linear Stage with Air Bearings

High-Performance Miniature Nanopositioning System

V-900KPIC PIMag® VC Vertical Linear Actuator

Compact with Integrated Position Sensor

V-275 PIMag® Voice Coil Linear Actuator

High Dynamics, with Optional Force Control

V-273 PIMag® Voice Coil Linear Actuator

High Dynamics and Inexpensive