Smarter Gantry Control

Improve Throughput and Accuracy with Advanced MIMO Control Algorithm

Key Features

MIMO decoupled control of linear position and yaw displacement loops
Independent tuning and optimization of linear and yaw control loops
Dynamic cross-axis center of mass compensation
Error mapping compensation (orthogonality, straightness...)
Dual-loop gantry control

Gantry stages are used in many high-performance motion control applications. Enabled by unique multi-axis Servo Processor technology, ACS has developed advanced MIMO (multi-input multi-output) gantry control algorithms that enhance accuracy, throughput, and stability of gantry stages.


  • Higher servo bandwidth – better throughput, stability, and repeatability
  • Increased life of mechanics
  • Simpler tuning and optimization
  • Control stiff or flexible gantries
  • Control belt, ballscrew, and linear motor gantries