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PI UK Update 27th March 2020

We remain fully operational in the UK and this includes the ability to provide remote product demonstrations and training sessions.

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PI UK Update 20th March 2020

We are all facing a rapidly changing unique situation where there is so much uncertainty. PI has taken all steps necessary to ensure that we can continue to provide all current and potential customers with the support and service you expect.

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Choosing the Right Hexapod Model

Software Simulates Real Application Situation

Which hexapod is suitable for a specific application and how do external factors influence the limits of the workspace and load? With the hexapod simulation tool you can check even before making a decision on which model to buy if a hexapod is suitable for the positioning task at hand and if it is, which model exactly is suitable.

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Ultrasonic Ablation Fights Atrial Fibrillation

Ultrasonic Transducers from PI Ceramic Are Used by Helium Medical for Award-Winning Treatment

Approximately 46 million patients worldwide suffer from atrial fibrillation – the most common cardiac arrhythmia, which can lead to life-threatening complications. Healium Medical, an Israeli start-up, developed a transcatheter ultrasonic ablation procedure for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. PI Ceramic manufactures the transducers for this minimally invasive treatment procedure.

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Piezo Ceramic Components in Medical Technology

On the 17th of March 2020 piezo experts from research and industry will come together in Cranfield to discuss Piezo Ceramic Applications in the Medical World at the PI UK Ceramic Academy.

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Supporting Cutting Edge Innovation

PI is proud to be part of an innovative new light based data storage technology developed by Microsoft and the University of Southampton under Project Silica.

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IsoView Light Sheet Microscope: Open Source Project Relies On Positioning Systems from PI

A Brilliant Interpretation of Light Sheet Microscopy

Light Sheet Microscopy is a fascinating technology with a huge application potential in life sciences and biotechnology. IsoView is a brilliant interpretation of this technology, especially intended for imaging fast cellular dynamics across large specimens over several hours. Specimen positioning and objective translation plays a major role in the design of IsoView.

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PIMag®: Voice Coil, Linear, and Torque Motors Developed In-House

An Interview Gives Insight Why PI also Uses Its Own Motors to Offer Optimized Customer Solutions

For positioning and scanning systems equipped with magnetic direct drives, PI relies mainly on strong suppliers from the motor industry. With the Driven by PIMag® brand name PI is increasingly strengthening its expertise in motor design, construction, and manufacturing. Dietrich Wins, Product Marketing Manager for Motorized Positioners at PI, explains the motivation behind.

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Optical Tweezers with XYZ-Piezo Nanopositioning Stages

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System Overview: Positioning Stages for Inverse Microscopy

Guide for the Perfect Combination of Positioning Stages, Z Stages, and Sample Holders

Positioning samples under the microscope is a complex task for which PI offers numerous products. In order to fulfill the demands placed on the positioning accuracy, travel ranges and velocities, stages that offer long travel ranges are often combined with fine positioning stages. Which systems fit together how, is shown in the system overview for inverse microscopes.

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