Piezo Drive Technologies in Comparison

Compare the features and application ranges of piezo drive technologies. If you have queries, contact us – PI has the right solution for you!

 PICMA® / PICAPiezoWalk®PILine®Q-Motion®PiezoMike
ResolutionSub-nmSub-nmSub-µmSub-nm20 nm
Velocity-to 10 mm/sup to several 100 mm/sover 10 mm/sapprox. 0.2 mm/s
 Response times in the range of a few µsHigh-dynamics scan modeSilent (very high operating frequency)Silent (very high operating frequency)High stability
Travel Rangesto approx. 300 µm directly and 2 mm with levere amplificationonly limited by the runner lengthonly limited by the runner lengthonly limited by the runner lenghtto approx. 50 mm
Forcesup to 100 kNup to 800 N (NEXLINE®)to 40 Nto 10 NHolding forces >100 N, Feeding force >20 N
 High stiffnessSelf-locking at restSelf-locking at restSelf-locking at restSelf-locking at rest
  Multi-actuator drive generates stepping motionSingle-actuator driveSingle-actuator driveSingle-actuator drive
Control ModeAnalog voltageHigh-frequency alternating voltage (sinus)High-frequency alternating voltage (modified saw tooth)High-frequency alternating voltage (modified saw tooth)
Voltage Range150 V (PICMA®), 1100 V (PICA®)55 V (NEXACT®), 500 V (NEXLINE®)120 V, 200 V, mini-motors considerably below<48 Vto 100 V
Ideal for ...nm-accurate positioning at high dynamicsnm-accurate positioningPositioning with sub-µm accuracynm-accurate and long-term stabile positioningLong-term stable positioning
 Lever-amplified and guided systemsQuasi-static applications with high holding forceFast step-and-settleQuasi-static applications with high holding forceUHV environments
 Piezo scannerTravel ranges of up  to a few mmScan mode with high velocities  
 Find adjustmentCoarse and fine adjustmentOperation at constant, low velocity  
 Force generationForce generation   
 Active vibration insulationActive vibration insulation   
  Operation at constant, low velocity   


PICMA® Piezo Linear Actuators

PICMA® Piezo Linear Actuators

Multilayer Piezo Actuators with All-Ceramic Insulation




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