Saving the environment, one Seedball at a time


How often have you been given a promotional giveaway that has ended up in the bin? PI UK strives to be innovative, and so we are moving away from typical plastic-based merchandise, to items that are sustainable and can help the environment – Seedballs.

Devastating decline


There has been a devastating decline in the number of wildflowers, insects and birds in the countryside, all of which have vital ecological roles, including pollination of plants, providing sources of food and controlling pests. Without positive action, there is a real danger of wildlife habitats and species being lost forever. That’s why PI UK is supporting Plantlife, a British conservation charity working internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi, and protect the environment, by giving away Seedballs sourced from Project Maya instead of promotional pens, magnets or keyrings.

Mini Ecosystem


Each Seedball is a mini ecosystem that contains seeds and all the nutrients they need to grow, while also protecting them from predators such as birds, ants and slugs to maximise the chance of growth. Approximately 1 cm in diameter, they are easy to scatter, and require absolutely no gardening knowledge or expertise; simply pop the Seedball on top of the soil, water it and watch it grow!

It is the range of biodiversity that we must care for - the whole thing - rather than just one or two stars.

- David Attenborough

Grow your business and seed your imagination


Just as you rely on PI for high quality precision motion and control products, you can count on us to support biodiversity in the UK. Head to our Certified Quality page  to see more examples of how we are reducing our environmental impact.

And if you’ve received a Seedball from us, visit for more information. Don’t forget to send, share, tweet and post photos of your Seedballs growing!

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