Category: Piezo Actuators, Motors

Advances in Piezo Actuators for High Frequency, High Duty Cycle Industrial Applications

Methods to Improve Piezo Dynamics, Accuracy and Linearity: Preshaping / DDL / APC

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High-Speed Deformable Mirror for Laser Beam Focus Control in Cutting & Welding Applications

Piezo driven laser focus shifter module advances speed and quality in laser machining applications

Reliable Piezo Motion Devices for Industrial and Space Applications

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Precision Motion and Positioning Equipment on Mars Rover Curiosity – Still Going Strong

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Interferometer Feedback for Piezo Linear Motor Provides Highly Accurate Motion with Sub-Nanometer Resolution

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Helical 3D Tomography with Air Bearing Systems and Piezo Motors

Advances in Piezo Mechanics Aid Eye Surgery

Ultra-High Precision Positioning Actuators to Align Mirror Segments in the ELT Telescope

Hybrid Concept Using Piezo / Voice Coil and Screw Drives for the ELT Telescope