Category: Motorized Precision Positioners

PILOT - Enabling the Highest Performance Precision Automation Systems in the World

Advanced motion control algorithms perform rapid tracking and ultrafast fast step and settle operations.

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Custom Motors for Precision Motion Control

When do they make sense? Q&A with PI's Dietrich Wins

PImag Voice Coil, Linear and Rotary Torque Motors for Special Requirements

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Force & Position Control in Precision Automation

Controlling Force & Position with High Accuracy to Improve Testing of Haptic Devices

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Supporting Cutting Edge Innovation

PI is proud to be part of an innovative new light based data storage technology developed by Microsoft and the University of Southampton under Project Silica.

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Linear Motors for Industrial Automation Applications

Rotary Motors for Precision Positioning – What to Choose When?

Part One: DC Motors, Brushless Motors, and Torque Motors

Advantages and Applications of Custom Direct Drive Motors

Special Voice Coil, 3 Phase Linear & Torque Designs

High Dynamics Motion Systems and Advanced Motion Controllers Boost Throughput in Laser Material Processing Applications

The Difference between Position Accuracy and Repeatability and Methods to Reduce Position Errors

What is a Servo Positioner?

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