Support from PI during these times of uncertainty

PI UK Update - March 2020

PI UK can support you remotely

We are all facing a rapidly changing and unique situation where there is much uncertainty. Due to the serious progression of this pandemic, PI UK has decided to close our office from Tuesday 24th of March.

Our team is are already well equipped for home working and will be able to continue to support you remotely during this time. We are still reachable by all the existing means and look forward to hearing from you during this time of social distancing.

PI has taken all steps necessary to ensure that we can continue to provide all current and potential customers with the support and service you expect.

The support of customers and the protection of the health of our employees are at the centre of all our planning activities.

We are adapting to dynamic changes in our markets, ensuring resources are made available to support demand where it is needed. If you think you can benefit from our flexibility and willingness to adapt do contact us.

>> Read our whole statement here.

Five Building Blocks for Your Customised Positioning Solution

For decades, we at PI have been successfully solving the positioning and motion problems of our customers from research departments of large companies or fundamental research and make sure that they are able to make that decisive step forwards.

>> Read how we do it here.

Linear stage with two motion platforms on the same guide and therefore only needs a little installation space. (image: SLAC)

System Optimisation and Support:

We are able to offer UK based ACS Motion Control support tailored to your needs for:

  • System implementation, mechanics, controller and peripheral devices
  • System optimisation including tuning
  • Fault diagnosis including root cause analysis and corrective action
  • Training

>> Find out more about our system optimisation and support services.

Trying Out a Hexapod for FREE

Sounds too good to be true? Well sort of, but the new Hexapod simulation software, which is free to download, allows you to test out the operation of this six axis robot.

>> Find out more about our hexapod simulation software.

Expert Consultancy from PI

Individual advice often is key to solve a complex problem. PI sales engineers are ready spend all the time necessary for a solid understanding of your precision positioning or motion control challenge and help guide you to the best solution for your challenge. During the pandemic we offer remote consultancy, but once we are able to we will gladly meet you on site or at the PI office.

>> Find out more about our expert consultancy.

Remote Support Services

PI’s After-Sales support team will continue to provide remote support and guidance for any customer, for any PI product purchased through PI UK.

>> Find out more information about our Remote Support Services.


The PI software is continuously improved and updated. To keep it up to date, there is a program designed and developed by PI, the so called "PIUpdateFinder". It is part of every software package. The PIUpdateFinder searches online for updates of all PI software components installed on the customer's computer.

>>To download PIUpdateFinder please click here.

Services from PI

The PI Global Services Division is a team of dedicated product specialists. With four distributed global service hubs, we are focused on supporting our customers around the world and deliver the best possible user experience.

>> Find out more about PI Global Services Division by clicking here.

When the pandemic is over join us at a PI Inspirations Workshop!

PI Inspirations: A place where technical visions become reality.

Visit our Inspirations lab in Cranfield to discover how precision motion technology can solve your positioning or alignment challenge. From using simple single axis actuators to multi axis parallel kinematic robots such as the PI Hexapod our applications workshops are designed to inspire you with the ideas you need to help you maximise the speed, accuracy or throughput of your process.

>> Find out more about PI Inspirations workshops.

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