Precision multi axis motion, metrology of aspheric lenses and the GATTAscope.

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Precision Multi-Axis Motion

Precision multi axis motion requires a powerful real time controller platform. Integrating the EtherCat based ACS modular motion control system with PI mechanics provides a solution that can enhance the productivity, precision and quality of a process. The precision of PI multi axis stage technology is enhanced by the application of ACS control algorithms to minimise position jitter, optimise profile tracking and synchronise motion with peripheral devices such as lasers, galvos and vision systems.

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PIMag Gantry System

The MarOpto TWI 60 needs only 20 to 30 seconds to measure the entire surface. (Source: Mahr)

Hexapod for Non-Contact Asphere Metrology

The production and metrology of aspheric lenses requires the implementation of innovative motion control and measuring techniques. Tilted Wave Front Interferometry is a novel non-contact method employed by Mahr which uses the multi axis motion and precision of a PI hexapod to position a calibration sphere in their instrument.

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Positioning Solutions for TIRFM

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM) requires a stable and precise alignment system to ensure that the full capability of the technique is realised. In the GATTAscope open platform design short range sample alignment uses piezo actuator technology, incorporated in a flexure stage to provide the nanometre position control needed. For long range travel motion piezo motor technology in a compact stage design with self-locking position stability and sub-micron precision is used.

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Example of a TIRF microscope: The GATTAscope from GATTAquant (Source: GATTAquant)

PI Inspirations

Visit our Inspirations lab in Cranfield to discover how precision motion technology can solve your positioning or alignment challenge, or to find out about how piezo ceramic technology can be employed in demanding sensing and actuation applications.

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Visit PI at ECOC

We will be exhibiting at ECOC 2019, Dublin, on stand 357. Come see our Fast, Multi-Channel Photonics Alignment (FMPA) Technology and learn how our active alignment can lead to higher production throughput and often dramatically lower costs.

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