Microscope Innovation and the Flamingo Project

PI positioning technology is widely used to enhance the quality of high resolution optical microscopy images in biological research. Some exciting NEW technical advances are detailed below.

Microscope Stage Configurator

The new system overview shows how the individual subsystems can be combined. Helping you select the perfect combination of positioning stages, Z stages, and sample holders for inverse microscopy.

>> Read more about the Microscope Stage Configurator

Open Source Light Sheet Microscopy

Light sheet fluorescence microscopy is a technique that provides low phototoxicity and fast image acquisition of living organisms. The modular microscope platform supported by the Flamingo project aims to make this technique readily available to researchers around the world.

>> Read more about PI's involvement in the Flamingo Project

Improving Image Acquisition Speed

If your speed of image acquisition is limited by the step and settle time of your Z focus drive a new objective positioner, P-725.1CxE2 with enhanced stiffness, is now available. Local support is available to ensure that the speed of the system is fully optimised in your application.

>> Read more about the High Precision PIFOC Objective Scanner for Microscopes.

Stable Platform for High Resolution Microscopy

With options available for all standard inverted microscope platforms, the M-545 stage series provides either manual or motorised XY position control for long travel sample adjustment. Compatible with various PI nanopositioning stages the M-545 provides the stability and precision required to ensure that your high resolution images are jitter free.

>> Read more about the Compact M-545 Microscope XY Stage.

You may not be an expert in positioning technology. If this is the case, don’t worry as we have a team of Application Engineers who can support you during system installation and optimisation.

>> For more information visit our support pages.

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