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Future of Laser Materials Processing - Digital Event


All advanced industries and growth markets depend on the performance of modern lasers and laser material processing systems. Laser tools reduce cost and increase flexibility, precision and throughput at the same time.  They make possible advanced production processes that were unthinkable with conventional tools, only a few years ago.

PI is hosting a digital conference with talks revolving around the Future of Laser Materials Processing.

This inspiring event brings together the knowledge and trends of the business sector in order to make use of the potential of the laser as a tool and to jointly shape the future of materials processing.

You can expect exciting presentations from experts on the latest market developments, applications, and technologies. Despite the digital format, you can exchange ideas and ask questions in the live Q&A sessions.

We look forward to your participation!




Welcome to the It’s Possible Sessions! 


Keynote: Markus Spanner, CEO PI


Keynote: Dr. Dirk Müller, Director of Marketing Coherent


Session 1: Addressing Extremely High Feature Density and Throughput Requirements in Electronics Manufacturing​
Increasing Accuracy and Throughput by Using of Multibeam Galvo Scanners (Dr. Holger Schlüter, SCANLAB)
Enhancing Laser Processing in Electronics Manufacturing by Using CAD-CAM Software (Sarunas Vaskelis, DMC)


Session 2: Improving Efficiency in Macro Laser Materials Processing with Piezo Actuation
Reducing Cost for Cutting and Welding with Dynamic Beam Shaping (Dr. Patrick Herwig, Fraunhofer IWS)
Piezo Components for Efficient Dynamic Beam Manipulation (Lukas Rau, PI)


Session 3: Unlocking the Potential of Laser Processing with Precision Laser Machine Concepts 
Enabling Advanced  Tissue Engineering with High-Precision, Laser-Assisted Additive Manufacturing Systems (Dr. Ulf Hinze, Laser nanoFab)​
Standard Platforms for Reducing Risk and Increasing Value in Integrating Laser Systems (Dr. Cliff Jolliffe, PI)


It’s Possible Conclusion & Goodbye


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Point-Cloud Surface Reconstruction: What 3D Laser Manufacturing and Lidar Measurements have in Common

How to Integrate Laser Control and Motion Control to Achieve More with Less

Motion and Laser Control integration provides system integrators with advanced laser processing solutions

Laser Processing of High-Density Structures over Large Areas

The processing of high-density structures over large areas such as laser drilling or laser marking of PCBs requires solutions that provide high precision and high throughput. The combination of multi-axis positioning systems with a highly dynamic galvanometer scanner can address the needs of industrial production.

High-Precision Laser Processing for Wafer Dicing

Manufacturing chips and microchips involves cutting the wafers, using a process known as wafer dicing, into small square or rectangular “chips” or “die”. Typical challenges to consider in wafer dicing applications are: To position the cut accurately, to minimize the losses of material, and to minimize distortions of the components.

Hermetic Sealing of Electronic Components Using Laser Welding

When confronted with health problems, medical technology today makes it possible for implants, for example pacemakers or insulin pumps, to perform important functions. Such implants are highly complex systems consisting of electrical and electronic components. Hermetic sealing, which keeps the microsystem and the surrounding tissue reliably separated from each other, is necessary for safe and...

High-Dynamics Focus Shift for Laser Beam Welding and Cutting

Lasers are used today in a wide variety of industrial applications in order to further optimize production processes and guarantee high workpiece quality. Laser machining processes can as well be significantly improved by high-frequency oscillation of the laser beam in the XY plane.