Digital Technology in Laser Manufacturing

by Association of Industrial Laser Users

Join AILU and PI on the 6th of October 2021 at Cranfield University.

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Digital Manufacturing promises a higher degree of automation and repeatable quality, continually striving for improvements and to eliminate defects. Much talked-about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) promise to transform the world of manufacturing and help to fill the skills gap which has opened up in the past decade. As well as techniques to improve throughput, consistency and quality, the rise of advanced modelling allows processes to be proven virtually before committing to the application of hardware. Smart factories and the Internet of Things are applications of Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution), and a post-pandemic world will no doubt wish to invest in increased automation and building resilience to guard against future vulnerabilities in the supply chain and resources required to manufacture tomorrow’s products.

This workshop is suited to anyone seeking to build knowledge or add to their network, by meeting and hearing experts in the field of Digital Manufacturing with lasers. The event is scheduled to be a live event, with hybrid access options for remote presentation.

Access award winning solutions to achieve high-performance:

Reliable high quality components from a broad technology pipeline
Flexibility and Customisation
High throughput and accuracy, synchronised control of multiple axes
Standard configurations - fast delivery times
Plug and play for fast commissioning
Global support and servicing for high reliability and uptime

Clear Concise Guidance from the Experts

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In order to develop the appropriate positioning solution that can also be optimally integrated into the application, PI works closely with its customers right from the start. Due to the variety of technologies and experience in precision positioning and automation, PI can react flexibly to the requirements of laser technology and offer motion solutions that meet customer needs:

  • From single and multi-axis systems without beam deflection to highly customised solutions where the motion of galvanometer scanners and the positioning systems have to be synchronised and are able to run simultaneously.

ACS Motion Control, as part of the PI Group, allows the supply of highly sophisticated automation and motion controllers with a wide range of drive options and dedicated modules for the control of laser applications.


For more information about high-performance motion and control solutions for improving throughput and precision in laser applications, and anything of this sort, your best first place for information is to ask Yash Patel your local PI applications engineer. 

Understanding your individual needs to build our futures together

  • Market-proven solutions for laser processing
  • Competent advice - right from the start
  • Flexible configuration and application-specific adaptation
  • Different integration levels and high integration capability
  • Comprehensive solutions that combine ease of use and smooth operation while increasing productivity
  • High economic profitability
  • Servicing and support - Always near you - worldwide


When you choose PI as a partner you also benefit from:

Software supported by all popular operating systems
On-site training and individual support
Individual consultation from trained specialists
Premium Technical Support
Gain reliability and save on development and process time
Global Experts in performance automation

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Motion control solutions from PI improve throughput and precision in laser materials processing.

You can find out more about our broad portfolio for Performance Automation here.


Products for Industrial Laser Applications



Automation Platforms for Laser Material Processing

Precision – Throughput – Synchronized Motion

Version / Date
BRO67E R1 2018-06
pdf - 3 MB
Version / Date
BRO67CN 2018-11
pdf - 12 MB

X-417 Scalable Integrated Multi-Axis System

Fast Configuration, Delivery, and Startup to Accelerate the Implementation of Precision Automation Processes

Version / Date
BRO75E 2020-11
pdf - 1 MB
White Paper

Advanced Control Technology for Laser Material Processing

How to make it easier for system integrators to design and build advanced systems for a new age of laser applications

Version / Date
WP4027 2020-03
pdf - 1 MB

Motion Solutions for Laser Processing, Electronics Manufacturing / Laser Welding

Beam Steering, Fast Tip/Tilt Steering Mirrors

ACS Motion Control

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SPiiPlusSPC Smart Processing Commander
Machine Control Interface for High-Precision Laser Processing Applications
  • Flexible CAD-to-motion import and design
  • 2D and 3D processing modes
  • Laser Control Module support for accurate fixed beam laser triggering, dynamic power control
  • Dynamic Position Monitoring
  • Flexible processing architectures
  • Rich galvo scanner and vision system calibration features
  • Pre-developed support for leading galvo, laser, and camera suppliers
  • Customization Options via C# plugins
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Smarter Gantry Control
Improve Throughput and Accuracy with Advanced MIMO Control Algorithm
  • MIMO decoupled control of linear position and yaw displacement loops
  • Independent tuning and optimization of linear and yaw control loops
  • Dynamic cross-axis center of mass compensation
  • Error mapping compensation (orthogonality, straightness...)
  • Dual-loop gantry control
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System Optimisation and Support
UK based support tailored to your needs
  • System implementation, mechanics, controller and peripheral devices
  • System optimisation including tuning
  • Fault diagnosis including root cause analysis and corrective action
  • Training
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EtherCAT Master Motion Controller and DS402 EtherCAT Drive Node
  • Controller Axes: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64
  • Host PC/PLC/PAC Communication: EtherCAT, TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, RS-232
  • Max EtherCAT Cycle Rate: 5kHz
  • Mounting: Panel or DIN rail
  • Optional Proprietary ACS Features: NetworkBoost, MotionBoost, Flexible Configuration


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2 or 4 Axis Motion Controller with Integrated Servo Drives
  • Controller and Drive Axes: 2 or 4
  • Host PC/PLC/PAC Communication: TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, RS-232
  • Controller Cycle Rate: 1kHz
  • Drive Supply Input: 12-48Vdc
  • Bus Voltage: Equal to drive supply input
  • Max Current Output Per Axis: 5/10A
  • Encoder Channels: 4 (AqB, Absolute, or SinCos)
  • Mounting Type: Panel
  • Functional Safety Options: STO & SS1
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LCM EtherCAT® Laser Control Module
Enables direct control of a laser source with full synchronization to motion
  • The LCM is designed to meet the needs of laser processing system OEMs with demanding throughput and accuracy requirements.
  • Working under any ACS SPiiPlus Platform EtherCAT master controller, the LCM tightly synchronizes control of a fixed beam laser with motion.
  • Sub-microsecond latency enables high-accuracy laser micromachining, while high pulse frequencies enable high levels of throughput.

Photonics / Photonics Alignment Solutions

6-DOF Motion Solutions for Image Stabilization, Optics Alignment

Motion Solutions for Metrology, Microscopy, and Imaging

More reading and case studies

Motion Systems and Automation Controllers Help Improve PCB Manufacturing: LDI / Stencils

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Why Constant Velocity and Synchronized Motion Performance across Multiple Axes Matters for Ultrafast Laser Machining, Imaging, and Metrology

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Beam Pen Lithography (BPL) - Desktop Nanoprinting Enabled by Compact 3D Nanopositioning Stage

Advances in Laser Micromachining and Microprocessing

High Dynamics Motion Systems and Advanced Motion Controllers Boost Throughput in Laser Material Processing Applications

3D Printing | Gantries Systems for 3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing – Gantry Motion Platforms to Support 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing

The importance of Automation Actuators and Motion Control in 3D printing

The Importance of Automation Actuators and Precision Motion Control in Additive Manufacturing

Precision Motion Control in Laser Machining, Cutting

Precision Motion Control in Laser Machining, Cutting

A Batch Recipe of 3D Printed Parts in SPC with an imported STL file (converted from solid part

3D Printing - Direct from Digitised Data - Based on STL and other File Formats

What is a Difference between a Gantry System and a Split-Bridge?

Programming ACS Motion Controllers with LabVIEW (Elegant and Easy)

Easy LabView programming of ACS / PI precision motion systems.

Point-Cloud Surface Reconstruction: What 3D Laser Manufacturing and Lidar Measurements have in Common

ACS and PI Motion Control

At PI we recognise that moving to a new controller platform involves risk and a considerable investment in time for our customers. To support this activity we are able to provide a range of software and hardware tools for technology familiarisation as well as knowledgeable personnel who can provide training and support as and when needed.

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If you cannot get to ECOC this year you can always visit our Inspirations lab in Cranfield to discover how precision motion technology can solve your positioning or alignment challenge.  
From using simple single axis actuators to multi axis parallel kinematic robots such as the PI Hexapod our applications workshops are designed to inspire you with the ideas you need to help you maximise the speed, accuracy or throughput of your process.

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